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Version: 4.3.1

Crash Reporting

This feature is automatically activated.
It is available in release flavour of the framework.

With basic integration, Finotes will track and report uncaught exceptions to Finotes dashboard automatically.
Incase the basic integration is not complete, head over to How To Integrate section.

Block Finotes from Reporting Crashes

To prevent Finotes from reporting uncaught exceptions that causes app to force close, add key PreventCrashReporting to the info.plist file. Info.plist:


Deprecated API

Flag PreventCrashes is now deprecated (replaced by PreventCrashReporting) and will be removed in a future version.


<key>PreventCrashes</key> //Deprecated

Whitelisting Crash Reports

Developers can whitelist crash reporting by adding WhitelistCrashes key in info.plist file. Once whitelisted, only exceptions that are listed in info.plist will be reported by Finotes.