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Version: 4.3.1

Track screen loading delay

This feature is automatically activated.
It is available in both debug and release flavours of the framework.

With basic integration, Finotes will track and report screen loading delays to Finotes dashboard automatically.
Incase the basic integration is not complete, head over to How To Integrate section.

By default, if a screen takes more than 4 seconds to load then it will be raised as a bug report.

Setting custom screen loading threshold

Developers can set custom time to track screen loading delays using ScreenLoadDelayInSeconds key in the info.plist file. Once set, if any of the app screen takes more than the set amount of time to load, it will be raised as a bug report.



Deprecated API

With the auto tracking capabilities of Finotes framework, the need to extend UIViewControllers from ObservableViewController is eliminated. This API is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

@interface LoginViewController : ObservableViewController //Deprecated