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Current version (Stable)

Here you can find the documentation for current released version.


Release Notes

  • Stacktrace is now provided with frozen frame issues to help identify the root cause.
  • Added UIThreadBlockTime key in @FnObserve to track UI thread blocks from 16ms and above in debug flavour of the SDK.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
iOS and iPadOS
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Past versions

Here you can find documentation for previous versions of Docusaurus.


Release Notes

  • Added iPadOS as a separate platform.
  • FnObserve based APIs added for customizing network monitoring.
  • Added ability to track and report app force close due to ANR in Android.
  • Added ability to track frozen frames from 700ms in Android in both debug and release flavours of the Android SDK.
  • Added ability to track AppHangs in both debug and release flavours of iOS and watchOS framework.
  • Setting ANRThresholdInMilliseconds in @Observe annotation is now invalidated.
Deprecated APIs
  • Deprecated @Observe based annotation in Android. Replaced with @FnObserve annotation.
  • Deprecated whiteListCrashes API. This API will be removed in a future version.
  • Deprecated ActivateFrameRateTracking key. This key is now moved to FnObserve key within info.plist in iOS and watchOS.
  • Deprecated ScreenLoadDelayInSeconds API. Replaced with screenLoaddelayTimeout API.
  • Deprecated preventCrashReporting API. Replaced with disableCrashReporting API.
  • Deprecated DataBlackList API. Replaced with maskedDeviceData API.
  • Deprecated issueRaiseFrequencyInHours API. Replaced with issueRaiseFrequency API.


Release Notes

  • Added ability to detect and report slow/jank frames and frozen frames in Android and iOS apps.
  • Added ability to detect App Hangs in iOS and watchOS apps.
  • Activity trail will now contain the latest 60 markers in an app session instead of markers from 1 minute of prior to an issue occurrence.
  • Added analytics support for issues.
  • Added support for offline caching of issues in case dashboard sync fail.
  • Bug fixes and Optimizations.
  • Deprecated Fn.setFrameRateThreshold API in iOS and watchOS.


Release Notes

  • Optimized based function and feature tracking.
  • Implemented Fn.start() and Fn.end() based function and feature tracking.
Android Only
  • Upgraded OkHttp version 4.9.1.
  • OkHttp conflict resolution strategy section added to documentation.