Integrate Volley 1.0.0 with finotes

You can add OkHttpClient to volley in easy steps,
As volley does not directly support OkHttpClient we need to use OkHttpStack.

First, you need to add OkHttpStack class from Github Gist to your project.
Second, find the below function where newRequestQueue is initiated either in a singleton (used as ApiManger for volley) class or Application class.

ApiManager Singleton or Application class:
mRequestQueue = Volley.newRequestQueue(getApplicationContext());

Third, pass the custom OkHttp3Client client as a second parameter, replacing the above code.

public RequestQueue getRequestQueue() {
    if (mRequestQueue == null) {
        mRequestQueue = Volley.newRequestQueue(this,
            new OkHttpStack(new OkHttp3Client(new OkHttpClient.Builder()).build()));
    return mRequestQueue;

PS: OkHttpStack used above is from Github Gist. You will also need to add okhttp to your build.gradle file.

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