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Version: 6.1.1

Track Frame Rate issues

This feature is automatically activated in debug flavour.
It is available in both debug and release flavours of the framework.

With basic integration Finotes will track and report slow/jank frames. If a frame takes more than 16ms to render it is categorized as slow/jank frame.

Activate Frame Rate tracking in release flavour.

By default frame rate tracking is activated only in debug flavour of the framework. To activate frame rate tracking in release flavour as well, set ActivateFrameRateTracking key to 'true' within FnObserve to the info.plist file.

If this value is set to 'false', frame rate tracking will be disabled in both flavours of the framework.


Single FnObserve

Please make sure that only one FnObserve key exists in your info.plist file.


Setting ActivateFrameRateTracking directly is now deprecated. Move the key within FnObserve key. Old method of activating frame rate tracking will be removed in a future version.