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Version: 4.3.1

Data Points Collected

Global annotation to filter data points collected by the SDK.

Finotes SDK automatically collects multiple data points inorder to help developers get indepth information on the issues reported.

Starting from version 4.1.0, the SDK allows developers to individually blacklist these data points.
Using DataBlackList in @Observe annotation, developers can prevent SDK from collecting and sending these data points to the dashboard.

@Observe(DataBlackList = {"model", "brand"})
public class BlogApp extends Application {
public void onCreate() {

Below are some of the data points collected by the SDK and corresponding keys that can be used in @Observe annotation to blacklist each of the data points.

Model of the device

@Observe annotation key:model

Brand of the device

@Observe annotation key:brand

Name of the device manufacturer

@Observe annotation key:manufacturer

Internal OS version running on the device

@Observe annotation key:customOs

Information collected from the android telephony manager API

@Observe annotation key:telephonyData

Data points like carrier details, SIM service provide details, WiFi signal strength are collected using the telephony manager API.

Display information of the device

@Observe annotation key:buildDisplay

Internal version of the OS version running in the device

@Observe annotation key:osVersion

Current battery level of the device

@Observe annotation key:batteryLevel

Elapsed time of the device since last reboot

@Observe annotation key:lastRebootTime

Current timezone offset of the device

@Observe annotation key:timezoneOffset