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Version: 4.3.1

Fix integration issues

Steps to rectify Finotes integration issue

Incase the test issue created using the below snapshot is not reflected in Finotes dashboard.

public class BlogApp extends Application {
public void onCreate() {



Step 1 - Basic Checks.

Make sure that you are using the latest SDK version.
Make sure that the Finotes Fn.log() is called before the Fn.init() function and Fn.dryRun() in not called.
The application class (here BlogApp), should be registered in your manifest file.

Step 2 - Uninstall App.

Please uninstall the existing instance (if any) from emulator or device, then run the application.

Step 3 - Make sure SDK is active.

You should get a log that says. ‘About to start device registration’
If not please make sure that Fn.init(this) is actually called in your Application class onCreate() function.

Also that your application class is registered in your manifest file. If you are still not getting the above log printed, please chat with our agent using the support chat below, we will help you out.

Step 4 - Check for error logs.

Once you have the log About to start device registration printed in your logcat. Check for any errors that are displayed.

If you get a error that says ‘Registration failed with status code 401’ Please make sure that you are you have created an app with same package name as in applicationId field in your build.gradle file.

If you got an error log with any other status code then please do initate a chat with our agent on the support chat below, we will help you out.

Step 5 - Finally.

If the ticket is still not synced with dashboard,Please recheck your network connection. If you are on wifi, please make sure that there are no restrictions in place on your WiFi connection, especially if you are on a public or workplace WiFi connection.

Just switch your phone to a network connection (3G or 4G) and uninstall the existing app and reinstall the application and you should be able to view the issue being reported in Finotes dashboard.

If none of the above steps works, please start a chat with our agent, we will help you fix the issue.