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Version: 6.1.1

Report Custom Issues

Single line API to report issues that can be anticipated.

You can report custom issues using the Fn.reportIssue() API. It is discouraged to use this API to report or log events. Should be called only to report issues.

Any where in the project:

private void paymentCompleted(String userIdentifier, int type){
//Handle post payment.

private void paymentFailed(String userIdentifier, String reason){

Fn.setActivityMarker(this, "User identifier "+userIdentifier);

Fn.reportIssue(this, "Payment Failed", reason);


In cases where the fail situations can be anticipated, they may be reported using Fn.reportIssue().

You may pass an issue title and detailed description as parameters to report the issue. As in custom exceptions, you will be able to make use of activity markers to aid you to reproduce the issue when reported.