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Version: 6.1.1

Track Frame Rate issues

This feature is automatically activated.
It is available in both debug and release flavours of the SDK.

With basic integration Finotes will track and report slow/jank frames and frozen frames. If a frame takes more than 16ms to render it is categorized as slow/jank frame and if a frame takes more than 700ms to render it is categorized as frozen frame.

If the app is stuck for 700ms or more then a frozen frame issue report will be raised with relevant data points will be raised to Finotes dashboard.

Tracking UI thread blocks from 16ms and above.

Use UIThreadBlockTime key in @FnObserve to track finer UI thread bocks. SDK allows setting any value from 16ms and under 700ms.

Please note that setting this value will have performance overheads and hence once set this feature will be active in debug builds and auto disabled in release builds of the application.

@FnObserve(UIThreadBlockTime = 500)
public class BlogApp extends Application {
public void onCreate() {