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Version: 6.1.1

Detect memory leaks

This feature is automatically activated.
It is available in both debug and release flavours of the SDK.

With basic integration, both flavours will report memory leaks in the app.
In case, the basic integration is not complete, please head over to How To Integrate section.

Activate memory leak reporting in Service classes.

Finotes will auto detect and report Activity and Fragment level memory leaks to Finotes dashboard. To enable Finotes to track memory leaks in your Service classes, you need to add a single line API Fn.watchLeaks() inside the onDestroy function of your Service Classes.

Your Service Classes:

public class ContactsParserService extends IntentService {

public void onDestroy() {


Capability of FinotesDebug

FinotesDebug flavour of Finotes SDK has the capability to detect detailed object level memory leaks.
When FinotesDebug detects a memory leak in Android application, a notification will be shown to the user. Tapping on the notification will report the issue to Finotes dashboard.

Capability of FinotesCore

FinotesCore flavour of Finotes SDK in release mode will send memory leak reports to Finotes dashboard along with the name of the activity or service that is leaking.
All leaks detected by FinotesCore will be immediately reported to the Finotes dashboard.